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What Are the Age Requirements for Boating on Lake Havasu?

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Coming to Lake Havasu is a wonderful time to relax and enjoy the many water sports available. You may want to rent a pontoon boat or a jet ski but are unsure of the age requirements for these pieces of water equipment. While these age laws may vary from state to state, the point of these laws is to create a safe boating environment for everyone. So before you decide to let you kids or young family members take one of the rented pieces of equipment out, read through and ensure you are fully informed.

With that in mind, here is the low down on the age requirements for boating and skiing on Lake Havasu, plus an overview of boating safety for Lake Havasu.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Operate a Boat or Jet Ski?

In Arizona, per A.R.S. §5-341, a boat or other motorized watercraft cannot be operated by anyone under the age of 12. Under California law, you need to be 16 to operate a motorized watercraft. However, if there is an emergency, someone younger can operate the boat, provided there is a parent, guardian, or at an 18-year old adult on board.

When renting a boat or jet ski, be prepared to show proof of age for the individual who will be operating it. They will also need to be aware of a few key safety areas before operating the boat or jet ski.

Understanding the Safety Requirements for Boating

When it comes to boats, safety is a high priority. Accidents can happen, but many can be avoided due to using basic boating safety and common sense. It can be the difference between having a great weekend getaway or vacation and having a negative experience.

One of the keys to remember that everyone on board needs an approved life jacket. They need to be easy to get access to and in good working order. Along with the life jackets, there also needs to be a throwable personal flotation device, which could be thrown to someone in trouble in the water.

If you have children under 12 on the boat, then they must always wear their life jacket while on the boat.

Recognizing Who Has the Right of Way

On Lake Havasu, boats must follow a counter-clockwise rotation. Essentially, you have to always say to the right of the lake. If you need to cross the lake, then be sure to check behind you in order to confirm that you are not crossing another boat or jet ski’s path. Larger vessels always have the right of way over personal watercraft (PWC).

If you come across individuals on a non-motorized boat, then you need to give them the right of way. Doing so will insure that everyone has a safe and relaxing time on Lake Havasu. However, to put this knowledge to use, you need a boat or jet ski. Contact us today about reserving a PWC or boat for your next trip to beautiful Lake Havasu.

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