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How to Stay Safe During Boating Sports

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More than a third of U.S. households went boating in 2016. Not surprisingly, the study also found that those who spent the most time on the water were more likely to consider buying or renting a boat.

Boating sports can be addictive, but boats can also be highly dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Drowning is always a concern, but too many people decide they don’t really need to wear life jackets when they’re on the water.

Read on for tips on how to stay safe when you’re on the water.

Everyone Should Know How to Swim

If someone is going to get on a boat and go out on the water, they should be able to know how to swim. That may seem overly harsh, but if a child is too young to swim, then they’re too young to board a boat.

Basic swimming chills are vital for children. For one thing, learning to swim is a bit like learning a foreign language: it’s easier to pull off as a kid than as an adult. The kid who never gets the chance to learn how to swim often becomes an adult who is scared of going near the water.

A kid who can swim will be healthier and happier so if you haven’t already signed up your kid for swimming classes, do so right away.

Life Jackets Are Mandatory

Swimming is essential, but it’s not the only thing you need. Everyone on the boat should also be wearing a life jacket at all times.

You may be thinking, “But I’m a good swimmer” or “Life jackets are too bulky and uncomfortable.” They’re way more comfortable than drowning. Even great swimmers can fall off a boat in a way that renders them at least momentarily unable to swim.

The International Life Saving Federation says 1.2 million people worldwide drown annually, which comes out to more than two victims per minute. More than 50 percent of those people are children.

Most drownings also occur in open water and inadequate supervision is a major reason why children go under and never come up. Children on a boat need to be watched especially carefully to make sure they don’t go over the side.

You should feel free to make a long water sports list of things to try on your boat, but that list will be useless if you forget to pack the safety equipment.

Don’t Go Boating at Night

Going water skiing at night may seem like a cool idea, but it’s not. For one thing, you’re a lot less able to see what’s around you at night.

If you’re taking someone water jet skiing on your boat, you need to be able to see any hand signals they make to indicate things like “turn here” or “slow down.” A spotter on the boat also won’t be able to see nearly as many hazards at night, which defeats the whole point of even having a spotter.

Go out on your boat during the day and use the evening as a chance to explore the local nightlife that exists on the solid ground.

We Can Meet Your Boating Sports Needs

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