a guide to Lake Havasu nightlife

Your Guide to Nightlife in Lake Havasu

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The hidden nightlife gem in Arizona’s West Coast city of Lake Havasu is much more than one of the nation’s top spring break destinations. Year round, whether you are looking for a cool bar or an upbeat nightclub, this city has you covered.

No matter your age, there is a nightlife experience just for you to let you get dressed up and head out on the town. After a long day out on the water, engaging in a variety of watersports, it can be great to enjoy a few land-based activities.

Here is your complete guide to Lake Havasu nightlife.

Dancing is a Big Part of Lake Havasu Nightlife

You can find many places to bust a move when the dancing bug bites you in one of our many party lounges.

Some of the best DJs on the West Coast are at many of the top clubs in the area. You will be able to dance the night away to your favorite tops hits with great company.

You will find that many of the party spots in Lake Havasu are outdoor type party bars. Some Lake Havasu bars even incorporate pools and poolside games into the mix to get the full experience.

One of the best dancing spots has to be at the local resort London Bridge’s hangout Martini Bay. The London Bridge is also a popular area to visit during your time here in Lake Havasu, especially for its breathtaking views of the lake at night.

Grab a Late Night Snack

When you hit the town at night, there is no lack of food options to start the night off right.

Flight X Saloon is a fun way to catch your midnight snack in the unique nightlife setting of a genuine country western saloon.

There are also different late night pubs, like Gallager’s and McKee’s, that serve some breakfast options (which you will appreciate after a long night out) along with other traditional bar foods.

Show off Your Singing Voice with Karaoke

If you have a good group of friends with you on your trip to Lake Havasu, karaoke is a fantastic activity.

There are an array of places to test out your chops inside different bars, like BJ’s Cabana Bar, where you can both sing your favorite tunes and try out over 20 different beer options.

Located in uptown Lake Havasu, this relaxed atmosphere is perfect for even the shyest of potential performers. The Cabana is a popular choice among both locals and tourists to hang out and have a good time all night long.

Play Games with Friends

If games are more your speed, there are some big options for you in Lake Havasu nightlife. There are giant games, like life-size pong at the local bar, Kokomo.

You can also have fun playing the classics, like ping pong, ring toss, and even water volleyball.

Do not leave all the playing to the kids, come hang out to test out your skills and competitiveness in Lake Havasu!

Enjoy the Water at Night

If you want to enjoy the water in the evening, consider renting a pontoon. These boats are great for a night cruise along with dinner. You can create a dance party with some tunes as your boat becomes a floating party palace. We offer several 23-foot options that can seat up to 11 people, making it a wonderful way to wrap up a day on the water.

Something for Everyone

The Lake Havasu nightlife scene has options for everyone’s taste.

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Take a look at all the other ways you can have fun adventures on the lake in our blog.

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